The National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas is closing permanently at 5 PM on Sunday, September 3, 2017.
A new Scouting Museum will be opening at Philmont in May 2018. Please go to this website for more information about the new Museum.

Research FAQs

Q: How Can I Research on site at the Museum?

Researchers may visit the National Scouting Museum by appointment only. Researchers must submit a Research Request noting what they are interested in viewing. An in-house research fee of $30 per day will be charged as well as regular copy and image fees.

Q: What are your Research Request Policies & Fees?

Research requests will be answered in the order they have been received and will be processed according to policies and research fees in effect at the time they were received.

Fees Effective March 2009
  • Current Scout YOUTH can request research information for free.
  • Museum Members receive a 10% discount on research fees.
  • Research Fees: Initial Search Fee: $10.00 (Payable by cash, check or money order. Must be submitted to the museum before research can begin.) Research Charge: $10.00/hour
  • Shipping and handling by Mail: 3 pages or fewer mailed for free; $1.00 for every four pages mailed up to a maximum of $5.00
  • Text via electronic delivery: by fax $2.00 per page, by email: $2.00
  • Images: Low resolution image by email: $10 per image | High resolution image on CD: $15 per image
  • Copies: 50 cents per page

Q: I'm an avid Collector, what organization should I join?

The International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA) is a great organization for people interested in collection of scouting memorabila! if you haven't already visited, visit their their site!

Q: Where can I find information about Boy's Life Magazine archives

Go to the Boy's Life Magazine site